VIP Lunch and Exhibition Preview of the Collection of Aernoud Bourdrez

Lunch at Huize Frankendael

Sunday 24 September 12:00

Huize Frankendael cordially invites you to a VIP lunch and subsequent exhibition preview of the Collection of Aernoud Bourdrez. Bourdrez is a lawyer specialising in intellectual property and the art of negotiation, counting many artists and photographers among his clients. At Huize Frankendael, Bourdrez presents a selection of his private art collection, which includes works by Viviane Sassen, Nan Goldin, Jacqueline Hassink, Scheltens & Abbenes, Henri Cartier Bresson, Paul Kooiker, Helmut Newton, Paul Huf, Dana Lixenberg and Saskia Noor van Imhoff. These will be shown alongside the results of his remarkable negotiations, such as the Jackass butt X-Ray which came in his possession by trading the object with an actual car.

For Bourdrez as for any collector, behind every object is a personal story or a new chapter of development of taste and experience. The exhibition delves into the desire to (re)organise works according to various modes and meanings of collecting, by connecting personal motives to categorisations ranging from instant arousal to feeling the need to possess ‘big names’ and collecting works that evoke very personal associations, towards a deeper understanding and the appreciation of the photographers’ positions and conceptual resonance.

Photo: Collection of Aernoud Bourdrez © Joost van den Broek