Unzine @ OBA Spaarndammerstraat


UNZINE in collaboration with Stichting ReKult

“Unzine” is an introduction to photography zine subculture in two parts: an exhibition of photographic zines and a series of workshops teaching zine-making and bookbinding. This event would take place as part of the Unseen Photo Festival 2016 in Amsterdam in September.

The two elements of the Unzine event are: 

  • Photography zine exhibition
    “Zines of the Zone” is a French zine library that curates an ever-expanding collection of zines which they often tour around Europe. For Unzine, they will set-up an exhibition showcasing the scope and variety of photography zines.
  • DIY zine-making workshops
    Unzine will also host a zine-making workshop where participants can create their own photo zines and learn techniques like Japanese stab stitch bookbinding. Recycled and found materials will be used and each participant can take home their own photo zine and also the skills to create many other kinds of books.

The workshop is on Saturday, September the 24th, from 14:00-17:00 at the OBA Spaarndammerbuurt. Entry is free with your festival wristband.

Stichting ReKult
Stichting ReKult is a young collective of cultural managers and active citizens focused on communities.They are an open platform dedicated to developing artistic and cultural projects. They encourage the exchange of ideas and reflection on cutting-edge contemporary socio-cultural issues. ReKult is a meeting point and informal learning source open to all and particularly to the younger generations.

One of the focuses of ReKult is the subculture of zine-making, also known as independent or Do-It-Yourself publishing. ReKult has been putting zine culture on the Amsterdam map since 2010, when their first event the Amsterdam Zine Jam (AZJ) took place at Meneer de Wit centrum voor kunst en cultuur. This was followed by the AZJ 2013 at Stichting Mediamatic. In 2014 ReKult organised the third edition of the AZJ at Felix Meritis. In 2015 ReKult co-organised the DIY Fest at PIP, Den Haag.

Outside of Amsterdam, ReKult has curated zine events in Serbia, Kosovo, Italy and Ukraine.

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