Chose Commune

Founded in Paris in 2014, Chose Commune is an independent publisher specializing in carefully crafted photography book-objects with bold design and editorial choices.

L'éditeur du dimanche

L’éditeur du dimanche/The Sunday Publisher is an editorial platform home to a collection of challenging photography books conceived both with established and emerging visual and textual artists (Antoine D’Agata, Julien Magre, Lorenzo Tricoli, among others) and to Photographers’ References, in collaboration with Baptiste Lignel/Otravista, a series of extended conversations with internationally renowned visual artists (including David Goldblatt and Richard Misrach).

the (M) éditions

the (M) éditions is an independent publishing company dedicated to limited edition photobooks. The company published "object-books" to promote the work of contemporary photographers in an uncommon way. 

Éditions Xavier Barrel

Éditions Xavier Barral publish books by contributors to the international art world. Each book is a unique object. The works of Josef Koudelka, Patrick Zachmann, Martin Parr, Raymond Depardon, or those of Sophie Calle, Masahisa Fukase, Bernard Plossu, Sergio Larrain whose esthetic, design and editorial choices take pride of place.

Éditions Bessard

Editions Bessard is a Paris-based independant publishing house created by Pierre Bessard in 2011. With its innovative and creative design, and its limited printed edition, Editions Bessard distinguish themselves from the classical photobook publishing house. Publishing both emerging artists and renowned artists as Joan Fontcuberta, Bill Henson, Ed Templeton, Ren Hang or Pieter Hugo, Editions Bessard is always seeking new artists and new ways to realise intellectually challenging projects.

Editions Bessard

Founded by Pierre Bessard in 2011, Editions Bessard is an independent publishing house based in Paris. Publishing both emerging talent and renowned artists, such as Joan Fontcuberta, Bill Henson, Ed Templeton, Ren Hang and Pieter Hugo, Editions Bessard is always seeking out new artists and new ways to realise intellectually challenging projects.

Galerie Clémentine de la Féronnière

Galerie Clémentine de la Féronnière was launched in May 2011 in the form of a first event at the Louvre Museum, in partnership with the Baudouin Lebon Gallery, during a pop-up exhibition. Since then the gallery has held an annual exhibition, accompanied by the publication of a book, which takes place every autumn showcasing photographers from varied cultures. The ethos of the space is to accompany the photographers as well as assist in the production of their works, presenting their images both in the form of prints and book. 

ARTISTS 2018: Marco Barbon


The public's keen interest in photography is ever-growing. However, galleries that stand behind emergent artists are still rare. We have decided to open a space in Paris (France) which will fight for its photographers. We want to share our crushes and those Images that illuminate our view of the world. Why sell them? So that there will be others! And also because galleries are often the last place where artists can express themselves freely.

ARTISTS 2018: Elsa Leydier, Julien Mauve, Julien Mignot

Galerie Binome

Since 2010, Galerie Binome (Paris) is dedicated to contemporary photography. Member of the Comité Professionnel des Galeries d’art, the gallery collaborates with various curators and institutions. Its annual program of exhibitions is open to emerging artists from contemporary art, who explore the boundaries of the medium and the supports. This selection leans more specifically towards visual arts in search of new forms of photography.

SAGE Paris

SAGE Paris was established in 2004 in Paris with a strong commitment to art and the photographic medium, from the 60s to the present.

The gallery works with a wide range of international artists, both emerging and established, reinforcing photography’s position as a contemporary art medium that is relevant, provocative and reflective of our time.

ARTISTS 2015: Akiko Takizawa, Julia Smirnova, Timotheus Tomicek, Vasantha Yogananthan

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