KABK (The Royal Academy of Art The Hague)

The Photography Department of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague is showcasing their students and alumni's best work through publications that reflect the focus on storytelling and a professional approach that is embedded within the program.  

Van Kranendonk Gallery

Van Kranendonk Gallery exhibits photography of different genres, but mainly architecture and landscape. The gallery focuses on young talent and well-known artists from the Netherlands and abroad. The gallery's motto throughout the years has been "Affinity, Difference, Responsibility," which defines the gallery's attitude towards photography.

ARTISTS 2012: Natascha Libbert, Jan Koster, Nicolas Wilmouth, Malte Wandel


R/NDOM is a photo zine project conceived by visual artist Matt Plezier. Every issue has a different theme based on Plezier’s own work or curated by another visual artist that has been invited by the zine. Ranging from the humorous to the engaged, a common theme that runs throughout the project is the questioning of how to document our constantly changing environment.


Salvo publishes at least two periodicals a year. Depending on its theme, each edition varies in size and print run, and contains photographs inspired by a chosen theme. Salvo’s participants are Anne Geene, Arjan de Nooy, Sander Uitdehaag and Vincent van Baar.

KABK (Royal Academy of Art)

The Royal Academy of Art The Hague is an academy for fine arts and design. With a strong emphasis on graphic design and photography, the academy offers printmaking, typesetting and multimedia facilities. Many high quality publications by students, alumni and lecturers are produced each year, on both an individual and departmental level.


LhGWR, founded in 2007 by Geertje Muffels and Robert Jan Verhagen, is an up-and-coming exhibition space based in The Hague. LhGWR concentrates on lens-based media and has a keen interest in photography. The gallery focuses on artists who devote their work to discussing contemporary issues that arise in both local and global contexts. As a gallery, it is very much aware of and involved in the process of the artist. LhGWR includes a project space as well as a main exhibition space, offering emerging artists the chance to develop their practice.

Dürst Britt & Mayhew

Dürst Britt & Mayhew was founded in 2015 by curator Jaring Dürst Britt and art critic Alexander Mayhew. The gallery is housed in a former garage in The Hague and is committed to helping artists from different national and artistic backgrounds to further develop their practice. The gallery offers a platform for a more experimental approach to exhibition-making with the aim of reaching both Dutch and international audiences. 

ARTISTS 2017: Jacqueline de Jong, Pieter Paul Pothoven, Sybren Renema

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