O, Wonder!

The world we inhabit tomorrow is ours to envision today. O, Wonder! is founded on the conviction that humankind is endowed with the creativity and imagination to conceive the most wonderful things. It offers a platform for alternative ideas by creative thinkers and practitioners engaged in using art and culture to raise awareness about the relationship between man and nature. In so doing, O, Wonder! is helping to build a community of revolutionaries, idealists, freethinkers and radical innovators committed to our transition to a sustainable life.

Self Publishers United

Self publishers united is a community of (now) 15 photographers, who all self published their personal stories in 2017/2018. A wide variety of books and stories about the beauty of nature, the human condition, alzheimer, genderdysforia, cultural differences, historical events, daily life and memories of time gone by . Among them acclaimed photographers as well as young ones at the beginning of their career. A great variety in photographic approach, book design and printing methods. All special editions - a delight for book lovers and collectors. 

Schilt Publishing & Gallery

Schilt Publishing & Gallery is a publisher of high profile journalistic, documentary and art photography books. We are also the long-term publishing partner of World Press Photo. Starting in 2010, Schilt Publishing has 


meta/books is a publishing and research platform, developing cutting-edge projects with artists & designers. We publish, lead publishing workshops and curate events on photography, design and visual culture. meta/books was founded by Delphine Bedel in 2014.

Laurence Aëgerter

In an on-going process which oscillates between projects in public space, photography and artist’s books, Aëgerter’s work addresses the permanent transformation that lies in the essence of things. She examines the archive that shapes our collective memory. Displacement and translation play an important part in her work. Accurate reconstruction coexists with staged coincidence.


Uitgeverij Factotum has published since 1981 several books; since 2017 Factotum/Photography specializes in photo-books.


Eijkelboom-Gerritsen-Niekus is the collaboration between three street photographers and book makers, who have been sharing their love for public spaces for several years. As well as book making, they organise exhibitions, occasionally with other street photographers.


artKitchen gallery offers a cuisine of contemporary art, consisting of a wide range of Dutch and international artists. The Cult Club is the name we use for publications and for organizing cultural events.

galerie dudokdegroot

In 2015, Nicole Dudok van Heel and Jedithja de Groot opened galerie dudok de groot. The gallery represents a number of permanent artists and works together with a select group of guest artists. The gallery’s programme includes so called ‘relay’ exhibitions, in which new works of artists are showcased first in a solo exhibition and then in combination with another artist.

ARTISTS 2018: Ilona Plaum, Paul Bogaers


ALBADA JELGERSMA opened in September 2017 and is located in the centre of Amsterdam. The gallery’s goal is to exhibit ground breaking contemporary art from Dutch and foreign artists in the gallery. It aims to contribute to the conversation that makes art vital: events are organised where artists, art critics, scientists and art lovers meet to investigate and share the meaning and value of art. The gallery shows a new exhibition every two months.

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