Le Bal (Photo institution & publisher)

France, Paris

Le Bal is the crowning point of a three-year adventure to create an independent venue for the document-image; the image in all its forms – photography, video, film and new media – as a means of representing reality.  Le Bal appears at what is an even more critical time, as artists increasingly question the conditions in which images are produced, circulated and assimilated. Can we still “read” the world simply from its surface? How can we “represent a world that is defined by representation, a world which constantly records itself, and records itself recording itself?” (Marc Augé). Le Bal must relay these questions and show works that deliberately put the genre to the test. At stake is the ability to understand “what’s going on” beyond appearances. We imagined LE BAL as a free zone, a territory of images traversed by historical, social and political implications. As a time and place for recognition of reality in all its complexity and contradictions.

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