Artbeat Publishers

Art Paper Editions
Art Paper Editions is an independent publishing platform. Jurgen Maelfeyt and Caroline De Malsche founded Art Paper Editions in 2010. Art Paper editions work with artists and institutions which focuses on the book as an exhibition space rather than a place.

Blank Paper

CHOISI - Lugano
Choisi is a bookstore specialized in contemporary artist’s books, independent publishers, self-publishing, limited editions, multiples and photo books. Choisi set up a permanent cooperation with the Artphilein Foundation, enabling the foundation to display artworks from its collection one at a time, followed by night screenings. Artphilein Editions is the publishing house founded by Artphilein Foundation in the spring of 2013. Its editorial line is characterised by the publishing of artist’s books, created in collaboration with the authors.

Chose Commune

Der Greif
Der Greif is a project for contemporary photography and literature with focus on photography that began in 2008. Der Greif is a print publication, online publication, curatorial team and joint project for and with photographers and authors from all over the world. It combines and presents the works of photographers and authors of different origins in a holistic piece of art. The website is exhibition-, communication-, and information-platform for participants and anyone interested in photography and literature. Der Greif combines digital and analog content in unique ways and is constantly exploring and pushing the boundaries of publishing in the digital era.

Dutch Independent Art Book Publishers (DIABP)
Dutch Independent Art Book Publishers is a collective of independent Dutch publisher specialised in art, photography and artists’ books. They are artists, photographers and designers who publish books under their own management. The collective was founded recently in February, 2016 in Amsterdam.

Éditions du LIC
Éditions du LIC is an independent publisher specialising in the creation of provocative contemporary titles by emerging and established avant-garde photographers. Founded in 2012 by Nicholas McLean, Éditions du LIC operates as a collective, bringing together photographer, designers and writers to produce limited edition artist books.

Éditions Xavier Barral
Since 2002, the Éditions Xavier Barral publish books taking a visual approach to the new shapes of photography, contemporary art and sciences. Each book is a singular object whose aesthetic and design choices take pride of place. Different points of views meet between artists and authors from around the world such as Sophie Calle, Mark Cohen, Anton Corbijn, Raphaël Dallaporta, Martin Parr, Hiroshi Sugimoto and Jeff Wall. The catalogue lists over 100 critically acclaimed titles including Anticorps by Antoine d’Agata, winner of the Rencontres d'Arles 2013 Book Award. More recently, Sergio Larrain, recipient of the 2015 Krasna-Krausz Book Award and Images of Conviction of the 2015 Paris Photo – Aperture Awards.

Eijkelboom- Gerritsen- Niekus

Fw:Books is an independent publisher with a focus on photography and related topics. Photography is a unique medium; it doesn’t have a fixed way of revealing itself. It can be a screen, a c-print, a slide projection, or a book. Fw:Books see the choice to make a book as an opportunity to make a new work. Their publications are distributed by Idea Books.

Hannamari Shakya
Raw View is a non-profit magazine made by an exceptional group of professionals, writers, journalists, photo editors, graphic designers and translators working on a volunteer basis. In addition to the editorial staff, a team of ten international professionals aids the magazine. The makers of Raw View are connected by a passion for photography and constitute a community, and a place for photographers to publish their visionary documentary photo series with an artistic approach. To our readers we offer an inspiring high-quality magazine that is worth waiting for.

HKU (Hogeschool der Kunsten, Utrecht)

Hoxton Mini Press

Huis Marseille Museum for Photography

Idea Books?

Jan Dirk van der Burg
Jan Dirk van der Burg (1978) photographs and films as well as creates books and in addition to Twitter biographer he is also the national authority on Olifantenpaadjes, the Dutch term for desire lines, the shortest route from A to B. His most well-known work is the book of photographs Olifantenpaadjes/Desire Lines (2011), both an optimistic indictment of an abuse of the landscape and an ode to the shortest way to get from A to B. He also compiles the best Twitter accounts in the Netherlands in autobiographical anthologies in the ongoing series Tweetbundels. Currently, he is in Ukraine working on a documentary and a book in which he tracks a plastic bag trend as a way to decode the complicated human relationships in society.

Johan Deumens Gallery
The Johan Deumens Gallery was originally established in 1989 and dedicated itself to a program of conceptual artists books. In 1995 the gallery started a long-term relationship with Edition Jacob Samuel, Santa Monica; serial works on paper by international renowned artists became a major focus. The gallery represents the work of both established and emerging artists. In our general program we concentrate on a conceptual and research oriented artistic approach. The Johan Deumans Gallery strive for the presentation of works in different ways: through direct communication with public, private and corporate collections, gallery exhibitions, off-site projects, art fairs, and our website.



Kaunas Photography Gallery

Kehrer Verlag
Founded in 1995, Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg Berlin specialises in books in the fields of photography, fine arts, and culture. Working together closely with international artists, authors, museums and cultural institutions, Kehrer Verlag creates its publications in alliance with Kehrer Design, the affiliated design and communication agency. Each book is a unique creation testifying to the constructive collaboration between the respective partners – with consistent high technical design quality as the unifying element. They put their heart and soul into every Kehrer book, with an attention to detail that can be felt page after page.

Kesselskramer Publishing
KesselsKramer is a company, which aspires to do things differently in the field of communications. KesselsKramer Publishing is an extension of this restless attitude. In images and words, it finds new ways of expressing creativity through printed matter. The creative thinkers of KesselsKramer initiate all Kessels Kramer Publishing projects. Each book or magazine expresses their personal passions, whether that passion is a collection of found photographs, short stories or a celebration of unusual artworks.