Toru Ukai

Belgium, Antwerp IBASHO

Toru Ukai graduated from the University of Tokyo, the faculty of literature, Japanese literature studies in 1985. In 1998, Toru was awarded the encouragement prize in 7th “New Cosmos of Photography”. From 2000 until 2006 Ukai’s work was shown in Japan on several occasions. From 2002-2006, a series of Toru’s photographs and essays were published in the magazine of NHK Publishing, Inc. In 2011, he had a solo exhibition in Shanghai and as of 2013 his work has been exhibited regularly in Europe: in Poland, Ireland, Belgium, France and the Netherlands. According to Ukai his main interest lies in the 'hidden and invisible structure in our modern society. The structure is working everywhere we live. Originally it’s born out of the whole desire of us, though it could often suppress and depress ourselves. I call the structure “Invisible Machinery”. Sometimes it’s embodied in the social systems, the law and the architecture. Sometimes it appears in our own behaviour, gestures and figures. So “Invisible Machinery” is in the outside and even in the inside of us. It’s invisible but the signs are everywhere among us. And I think a photograph could capture the invisible structure so well.’