Italy, Modena METRONOM

TILO&TONI (DE, 2015) is an artist duo. Their practice is built of interconnected layers of meaning, starting from the reflection on contemporary imagery, to direct experimentation on different material, from an openly-declared influence by different disciplines to the recombination of images and material they found particularly inspiring. TILO&TONI think pictures as interconnected things. They believe that images come from images, driving appropriation as an unavoidable circumstance. They love building sites/construction areas, as a way to find the greatest installations, paintings and sculptures. They love the manual gesture and the interaction with the material. They remix, sample, appropriate, not as a conceptual trick but as a self-evident interaction with the world of pictures - art, photography, pop art, advertisement, fashion, amateur pictures. About the gleeful, naive and cheeky work with techniques, media, material and visual discourses.