Tanja Koljonen

Finland, Helsinki Gallery Taik Persons

Tanja Koljonen was born 1981 in Muonio, Finland. She lives and works in Helsinki. She is currently studying Photography (MA) at the University of Arts, Design and Architecture Helsinki. Since 2008, she has participated in various exhibitions and screenings at film festivals both in Finland and abroad.

Tanja Koljonen’s interest is aroused by objects and things that bear the marks of human usage and existence in a special way. A prominent motif in her current work is the deck of playing cards, evidencing the mutual influence and constant interplay of formal systems, rules and restrictions, and the human properties of reason, intuitive action and freedom of choice. Moreover, it contains the decisive element of chance and unknown possibility. Koljonen arranges, aligns and then takes photographs of the cards. Framed into a new context, they point towards the necessity of “constant practice”, meaning adaptation to situations that are shaped by often contradictory factors.