Shunsuke Kano


Shunsuke Kano was born 1983 in Osaka and graduated from Kyoto Saga University of Arts. His Layer of my labor series is an artwork consisting of photographic prints and materials. The artist applies commodities such as tape or stickers to a surface of an object (e.g., marble stone, wood, etc.), photographs its surface, reapplies the photographic print on the surface again with more tape or stickers, and repeats the process. The completed artwork is the object with its surface covered with a photographic print, making us wonder which layer or material we currently are seeing.


In his Temporary repair series, he tears up his own photographic prints, replaces them in a certain context and reshoots them as though it is repaired and reinterpreted. The flat surface connotes a unique in-depth story, in its very light, smart way of approach.

Shunsuke Kano is the winner of Shiseido Art Egg 2014, one of the most prestigious contemporary art awards in Japan.