Sara Skorgan Teigen

Belgium, Antwerp Stieglitz19

Sara Skorgan Teigen (NO, 1984) focuses her work around photography and drawing. She studied at Fatamorgana, the Danish School of Art Photography, Copenhagen (2008/09) and the ICP, International Center of Photography, New York, (2011/12). She has exhibited internationally at galleries and photo-festivals in USA, Tokyo, China, Mexico, England, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.

Sara Teigen’s work is a meeting-point between her inner, emotional explorations and the outside world; the confluence between the metaphysical and the physical. Using herself as subject and object, performing, acting, and questioning the role of herself, Teigen moves between the personal and the archetypal, creating maps of her inner landscapes. As adults we instinctively rationalize every shape and thing we see, associating it to previous experience or memory, constantly referring backwards instead of absorbing visuals in a pure, emotional state. Teigen is attracted to the things we cannot see: the micro/macro-cosmos and human emotions that do not have a physical form. This abstract matter is the starting point in her creative process. Observing how nature behaves and evolves, Teigen combines photographs, text, and drawings, charting territories of her inner world, to make the invisible visible. By continually re-using and re-editing her photographs in different contexts, Teigen presents her work as a process itself, never final or complete.