France, Paris Galerie Esther Woerdehoff

PUTPUT is an interdisciplinary art collective formed by Stefan Friedli (b. 1987, Switzerland) and Ulrik Martin Larsen (b. 1975, Denmark), created in 2011 and based in Copenhagen. The meeting of these two artists, coming from the design and fashion scene, leads them to develop a universe at the intersection of contemporary photography, sculpture and design. Their works, surrealist and offbeat constructions, question our perception of reality and invite us to take a fresh look at our close environment. Among their series, Popsicles presents a selection of dummy replicas of ice cream in different flavors, minimal assembly of a colorful cleaning sponge and a wooden stick. For Inflorescence, PUTPUT creates indoor plants, flowering hybrids between natural and artificial. PUTPUT’s artworks renew the genre of still life in a playful and humorous spirit which does not exclude an extensive conceptual and formal research.