Peter Fraser

The United Kingdom, London Camilla Grimaldi

Peter Fraser (b.1953) graduated in photography from Manchester Polytechnic. In 2002, the Photographers' Gallery, London, staged a twenty-year survey of Fraser's work, and in 2004 he was shortlisted for the Citibiank Photography Prize. 2012 saw his first retrospective exhibition at Tate St.Ives, along with a fully illustrated monograph on his work.

Fraser has been at the forefront of colour photography as a fine art medium since the early 1980s. After a landmark exhibition with William Eggleston in 1984, he became one of the first British photographers to work exclusively in colour and over the last thirty years he has built up an influential and important body of work.

Much of his work involves an almost obsessive focus on the stuff of the world, the matter and materials that he finds in the everyday. He does not construct his pictures but rather focuses in on the enigmatic objects he finds, revealing the edges, minutiae and incidental beauty and strangeness in the visible world. Through this sustained and concentrated focus, he creates highly charged and psychologically compelling images of enormous intensity and resonance. A recurring concern is an interest in the ‘matter’ of the world, of ‘things’ and their status, as well as strong interest in journeys and narrative, at once literal, literary and psychological.