Nelli Palomäki

France, Paris Galerie Les filles du calvaire

Nelli Palomäki's (FI, 1981) timeless portraits of children and young people reveal the fragility of the moment shared with her subject. Palomäki’s photographs deal with the growth, memory and our problematic way of seeing ourselves. One of the crucial themes in her portraiture is our mortality. She is a graduate of Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture in Helsinki.

Her series Shared shows the physical closeness between siblings and simultaneously underline the uncomfortable of being so close to someone. Looking at the siblings she is not only searching for the likeness, but also studying their differences and observing the power relationships in the portrait. Togetherness in the photographs is built around simple gestures like holding, grabbing or quietly leaning to another. Particularly different ways of touching the other has become a crucial part of her work. Palomäki is fascinated by how some of the siblings are united while being portrayed, whereas some are suffering from being so close to each other.