Jonny Briggs

Italy, Milan mc2gallery

In search of lost parts of his childhood, Jonny Briggs (GB, 1985) tries to think outside the reality he was socialised into and create new ones with his parents and self. Through these, Briggs uses photography to explore his relationship with deception, the constructed reality of the family, and question the boundaries with his parents, between child/adult, self/other, nature/culture, real/fake in attempt to revive his unconditioned self, beyond the family bubble.
Although easily assumed to be photoshopped or faked, upon closer inspection the images are often realised to be more real than first expected. Involving staged installations, the cartoonesque and the performative, Briggs looks back to his younger self and attempts to re‐capture childhood nature through his assuming adult eyes.
In the diptych The Silent Image he juxtaposes two different ways of seeing: the black and white image and the imposter ear in colour. There is an ear that listens, yet the image is silent. Each time he has visited Freud’s garden, he has found it a quiet place of contemplation, where he can hear himself through the nature. Gardens strike him as the peripheries between the tamed and the wild; the interior home and the outside world.