Jan Hoek

The Netherlands, Amsterdam Galerie Ron Mandos

Jan Hoek's (NL, 1984) recent series Boda Boda Madness (2018), created in collaboration with Ugandan-Kenyan fashion designer Bobbin Case, introduce the motor drivers Mad Max Driver, Machette, Vibze, Ghost Rider, Red Devil, Lion and The Rasta Driver, who proudly cruise through Nairobi wearing outstanding outfits on their matching bikes. Both Hoek and Case were intrigued by these many motor taxis, known as Boda Boda, driving around Nairobi. Jan Hoek is an artist and writer. He has photographed homeless Ethiopian men as kings and emperors, a heroin addict who dreams of being a model, and people he simply found through advertisements on the internet. Bobbin Case (UG, 1992) is an avant-garde fashion designer based in Kenya, who dreams of creating costumes for movies and music videos. His collections have appeared in Elle Magazine and on the BBC.