Edouard Taufenbach

France, Paris Galerie Binome

Edouard Taufenbach (FR, 1987) realizes ingenious collages from anonymous photographs and scenes of everyday life. The composition is emphatically multiplied, sometimes loosing sight of the reference picture.

His new series Spéculaire, is composed of silver photographic objects created after archival images from the Sebastien Lifshitz Collection. Through these silver prints collages, Taufenbach adds a new material dimension to the vernacular photographs: He does not revive what they have been but instead, what they become as objects of visual fantasies. The source image praises hedonism through the free expression of naked bodies, in the realm of intimacy but also when in contact with nature. Taufenbach multiplies, fragments and rearranges the parts of these images, sometimes using different scales, in a composition stemming from a rule of mathematical nature.