Onsite Projects: Let me tell you about...

An outdoor show brought to you by the KABK

22-24 September

The Royal Academy of Art The Hague presents Let me tell you about..., a collaborative project developed by 12 third-year photography students. While each photographic story is distinct, they all focus on a collective yearning to break down themes that are difficult to digest as young makers. Supervised by instructors Raimond Wouda, Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin, the participating young artists are Nael Quraishi, Elodie Vreeburg, Viktor Naumovski, Katarina Juričić, Sophie Schwartz, Caspar von Eugen, Filippo Maria Ciriani, Daniela Roșca, Tibor Dieters, Avgud, Stella Loning and Linnea Frandsen. The concept and design of the project was developed by Kummer & Herrman.


Friday 22nd September

13.00  Guided tour by Oliver Chanarin

18.00  Guided tour by KABK students 


Saturday - 23rd September

13.00 Guided tour by Raimond Wouda 

15.30 Guided tour by KABK students 

17.30 Open Event with Emilia van Lynden, Marieke Schoenmakers, Jeroen Kummer 


Sunday 24th September

13.00 Guided tour by Ola Lanko

15.00 Guided tour by KABK students

See the interview with KABK's photography course leader Rob Hornstra here

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