ING Unseen Talent Award: Thomas Albdorf

by Unseen September 05 2016

Image credit:
I Made This For You, 2016 © Thomas Albdorf
Remember When I Made This For You, 2016 © Thomas Albdorf

After working for several years as an art director, Thomas Albdorf (1982, AT) studied Transmedia Art at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, where he graduated in 2013. His work has been exhibited throughout galleries in Europe and the USA and featured in many magazines. He lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

Artist Statement

I wanted to create images that could be thought of as factual photographic documents of love, albeit revealing their constructed nature on a closer look. The two versions of the image show changes in the fictive relationship, but also over time, space and surface. As rendered in I Made This For You, a lover stages a small intervention - a manifestation of desire expressed through a spontaneous gesture - during a hike through Yosemite to prove their passion to the beloved. The situation might have been directly experienced whilst the couple wanders through nature, or could have been distributed to their darling via digital means - we might never know. In Remember When I Made This For You what was once cherished, is now fading - digitally compressed, weathered by time, scarred by habituality.

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