ING Unseen Talent Award: Dávid Biró

by Unseen November 13 2018

Image: Front End, No 13, 2018 © Dávid Biró

Dávid Biró (b. 1992, HU)
Dávid Biró is an artist based in Budapest, Hungary. He has a BA in Photography from the University of Kaposvár and holds an MA in Photography from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME). His work has been exhibited in national and international exhibitions. In 2014 Biró won the ON_AWARD grand prize of the OFF_Festival Bratislava Contemporary Photography Festival as a member of a group exhibition, the National Scholarship of Hungary in 2015-2016, and the Association of Hungarian Photographers: Photography Scholarship for 2017.

Biró is fascinated by the influence of technology on human perception, and the way we look at photographic images. He views the camera as an extension of human sight and tries to examine our concept of reality and knowledge.

Artist statement
The rapid rise of digital technology - now a key part of everyday life - has led to a number of challenges in our contemporary life. Whilst dream-like scenes created through technology have become increasingly convincing, it is harder to distinguish our conventional understanding of the “real” from new digital realities. This weight of information forces us to sharpen our perceptions in order to avoid digital distraction. For my project, I have constructed a series of photographic images inspired by the visuals of 3D graphics and video games. With their uncertain orientations, a question emerges as to whether what we see represents reality or is merely computer-generated.