ING Unseen Talent Award: Alexey Shlyk

by Unseen November 13 2018

Image: Transpiration, 2018 © Alexey Shlyk

Alexey Shlyk (b. 1986, BY)
Alexey Shlyk graduated with honours from the Belarus State University in 2008, specialising in Mathematics. In 2018 he obtained an MA in Photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp. Since starting to work in photography in 2009 Shlyk has had solo exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Fine Art in Minsk, the Russian Museum of Decorative and Applied Art, the Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art in Saint-Petersburg and the Duloun Museum of Modern Art in Shanghai. He participated in several international photo festivals and in 2017 his work was shortlisted for Prix Levallois, he became a laureate of Carte Blanche at Paris Photo and he won the ArtContest prize together with Ben Van Den Berghe.

Taking inspiration from the DIY culture of his homeland during the Soviet era, photographer Alexey Shlyk’s series of playfully staged photographs explores craftsmanship and resourcefulness.

Artist Statement
In this series, I explore human creativity in the sphere of sustainable inventions. With an unceasing increase in the consumption of natural resources, pollution and global warming, our future might not be quite as bright as one would hope. Plastic continues to spread over the surface of the earth, polluting every corner of its oceans and landscapes. Preparing for the worst, I stage alternative solutions for renewable energy, various DIY-solutions that may (or may not) help humans to survive in the ‘plastic age’ we have become all-too-familiar with.