Exhibition: In4Art Spotlights Vermibus
Exclusively for Unseen, Vermibus (b.1987) shares his notion of advertising mental pollution while re-engineering photography, providing an alternative outlook on the unrealistic beauty paradigm. 

For the past five years, Vermibus has been developing his practice of appropriation and revelation intensively. Characteristic of Vermibus work can be seen in how he is exploring the issues of identity, consumerism and imposed beauty standards. Vermibus’ creative process includes collecting and appropriation of public advertising posters which he intervenes upon, followed by reinstalling them to their original or approximate location in public. He hunts for fashion ads featuring beautiful, but fake models. 

Vermibus currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany. His most notable ad busting series are “Unmasking Kate”, “Dissolving Europe”, and most recently, “Unveiling Beauty” with interventions conducted in New York, Paris, London, and Milan. 

Hours: 13.00-20.00

Artist Talk
Saturday 23rd 20.00

Limited capacity, reserve your spot here

Guided Tour
Sunday 24th 14.00 & 16.00

Nieuwe Keizersgracht 54
Admission: Free 
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Photo: Un infierno personal, 2016 © Vermibus