Flatland Gallery

The Netherlands, Amsterdam Stand: 09

Flatland Gallery is a Dutch contemporary art gallery based in Amsterdam. The gallery is internationally acclaimed (especially) in the field of contemporary photography and has a high reputation for film, video, installations, sculptures, painting and drawings. The success of Flatland Gallery can be attributed to the twin pillars of a cosmopolitan outlook and an independent standpoint. Flatland’s programme encompasses exhibitions and events characterised by a particular audacity.

ARTISTS 2017: Stanislaw Lewkowicz, Katharine Cooper, Paolo Ventura

ARTISTS 2016: Gioia de Bruijn, Matt Henry, Paolo Ventura, Martin Usborne

ARTISTS 2015: Erwin Olaf, Gioia de Bruijn, Paolo Ventura

ARTISTS 2014: Julia Fullerton-Batten, Katharine Cooper, Paolo Ventura, Sanja Marusic

ARTISTS 2013: Jaap Scheeren, Rob Hornstra, Erwin Olaf, Stanislaw Lewkowicz

ARTISTS 2012: Jocelyn Lee, Florian van Roekel, Jaap Scheeren