Exhibition: Beyond 2020 By Japanese Photographers #5

Showcasing 6 emerging Japanese artsits

22nd – 24th September

LUMIX MEETS BEYOND 2020 BY JAPANESE PHOTOGRAPHERS #5 is an exhibition showcasing six exceptional emerging Japanese artists. The photographers produced work in response to the theme “Portraits in the Post-Truth Era,” exploring the most cutting-edge conceptual and technical trends in contemporary photography. In line with Unseen Amsterdam’s ethos, the presented work develops and supports young talent from the ground up, while showcasing them to the international photography community.

Yusuke Yamatani’s photographs explore underground culture whilst Haruyuki Shirai produces a magical sense of humour. Kohey Kanno presents a saturated aesthetic in his urban fashion shoots, and Yosuke Yajima digs deeper into our personalities using simplistic compositions. Similarly, Kenji Hirasawa investigates our perception of the world by using thermogenic cameras and Junpei Ueda focuses on stories surrounding his parents suicide.


Artist Talk: We invite you to join the artists from Lumix Meets Beyond 2020 by Japanese Photographers #5 for a conversation between the exhibiting photographers who will discuss the work from Portraits in the Post-Truth Era.

Saturday 23rd September, 17.00

Unseen Amsterdam
Polonceaukade 28 
1014 DA Amsterdam

Photo: anonymous works, 2017 © Yosuke Yajima