Artists’ Recipes @ Buurtrestaurant Hembrug & Zaandammer

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Artists' Recipes at Buurtrestaurant Hembrug & Zaandammer, initiated by Kim Knoppers

23-25 September, 18.00-21.00

Enjoy an enriching combination of art and cooking as you feast on a meal selected by an artist whilst listening to them discuss their work. For three special evenings during Unseen Photo Festival, the nomadic restaurant Artists’ Recipes will transform into an artist’s studio, where artists will prepare their recipes of choice connected to their bodies of work. Initiated by curator Kim Knoppers, this year’s Artists’ Recipes guest chefs have been selected for their engagement with the construction of images in relation to social concerns. This year’s guests are Emeko Okereke (Friday), Discipula (Saturday) and Issa Touma (Sunday). Buy a ticket for the Artist’s Recipes night of your choice online here.

Hembrugstraat 156
​​​​​​​+31 (0)206827026