What to expect at Unseen 2021?

Hassan Hajjaj, Sistaz, 2015, 193 Gallery.

Unseen will see presentations of some of the great, institutional Dutch photographers of the past decades such as Bertien van Manen (Annet Gelink Gallery), Erwin Olaf (Ron Mandos Gallery) and Ruud van Empel (Flatland Gallery), but also by a new generation of movers and shakers in Dutch photography such as Jan Hoek (Vriend van Bavink) and Melanie Bonajo (AKINCI). Internationally, the fair will showcase work by established names such as Valerie Belin (Flatland Gallery) and Isaac Julien (Ron Mandos Gallery), but also rising international stars  like Antony Cairns (Stieglitz19) and Hassan Hajjaj (193 Gallery)

Jan Hoek, Coco coming out of egg bird, 2021, Galerie Vriend van Bavink.

Artistic exploration
Unseen naturally offers space for artistic exploration for different forms of photographic prints For example, Lucas Leffler (Galerie Intervalle) presents unique mud prints, of photographs developed directly onto mud in a dark room process. Galerie Fontata shows literally brilliant photographs of salt crystals by Ilanit Ilouz and Arwe presents impressive photographic quilts by Tomas Baker Feijo.

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Lucas Leffler, Zilverbeek, 5, 2021, Intervalle.

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