Martin Baas, Courtesy Ron Mandos Gallery

The new section Unbound explores the outer limits of the photographic universe. In the 700m2 Transformatorhuis hall at the fair, this section focusses on multidisciplinary photographic projects, often on monumental scale. The independent curator of the section for this edition is Marcel Feil, the former Artistic Director of photography museum Foam, who selected 14 projects relating to the central theme ‘Filling the Cracks’.

Marcel feil: “It is clear as day, for almost everyone, that humanity needs to form a new relation to Nature, especially from the idea that nature is not something external to us, but something within us with which we are inextricably linked. The search for a different and more responsible relation with the planet is urgent and has economic social, psychological and spiritual aspects. Many artists are focusing on this fundamental shift, that is ultimately intended to heal our relationship with nature. Sometimes quite literally: what is broken, what has cracks, must be made whole again. Hence the title ‘Filling the cracks’. At the same time the title refers to the importance of skin and surface in many of the exhibited projects.”

Inca & Niklas, Courtesy Dorothee Nilsson Gallery
Hannah Redling, Courtesy Erika Deak Gallery
Thomas Albdorf, Courtesy Webber Gallery

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