(c) Robby Muller / Annet Gelink Gallery

For the first time in its history, Unseen shows vintage photography from before the year 2000. On the basis of highly curated presentations, a clear, thematic dialogue emerges between vintage work and work by contemporary photographers.

Galerie Julian Sander will present the work of legendary photographer August Sander alongside a direct reflection on those images by artist Michael Somorrof. Especially for the fair, GRIMM Gallery asked multidisciplinary artist Saskia Noor Imhoff to make a reaction on the estate of conceptual artist Ger van Elk, which will be exhibited alongside the new work. Gerhard Hofland and Paul van Esch have a duo presentation with the intimate, vintage nude snapshots of John Kayser in combination with the uniquely personal perspective on nudity of young photographer Lara Verheijden.

(c) August Sander / Die Photographische Sammlung/SK-Stiftung Kultur - August Sander Archiv, Keulen - Courtsey of Galerie Julian Sander.
(c) Michael Somoroff / Galerie Julian Sander

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