Discover the work of THE MEIJBURG ART COMMISSION 2021 #Nominee 2: Thibault Brunet

Thibault Brunet, untitled #6, Boîte noire series, 2019, Galerie Binome.

The five nominees for the Meijburg Art Commission 2021 are Thorsten Brinkmann (Hopstreet Gallery), Thibault Brunet
(Galerie Binome), Popel Coumou (Torch Gallery), Saskia Noor van Imhoff (GRIMM Gallery) & Wanda Tuerlinckx (Art Gallery O68).

THE SECOND NOMINEE FOR THE MEIJBURG ART COMMISSION 2021: THIBAULT BRUNET — "Since the Arab Spring of 2011, Syria has become a theatre of bloody war and information. Never has a conflict been so photographed, filmed, or mapped, thus doubling it with a war of images and representations. Every day, news agencies relay the ruins of Damascus, Aleppo, or Homs to mobilise international opinion, while the agreed carnage continues, with total impunity, in full view of everyone. The cities have become deadly skeletons of concrete and rubble.” Brunet’s "Boîte noire” series is similar to an archaeological mission on the ruins of the war in Syria. A remote reconstruction made from the news videos of international news agencies. Halfway between a museographic restitution and a video game, these 3D models challenge the usual representations of ravaged cities. Brunet penetrates this world while comfortably installed behind his desk, thanks to Google Street View or to the controls of a drone, in which the world is reduced to a model.

The winner of the Meijburg Art Commission 2021 will be announced during Unseen.

Thibault Brunet, skin #1, Boîte noire series, 2020, Galerie Binome.

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