Discover the work of THE MEIJBURG ART COMMISSION 2021 #Nominee 1: Thorsten Brinkmann

Thorsten Brinkmann, Flandorie, 2021, Hopstreet Gallery.

The five nominees for the Meijburg Art Commission 2021 are Thorsten Brinkmann (Hopstreet Gallery), Thibault Brunet (Galerie Binome), Popel Coumou (Torch Gallery), Saskia Noor van Imhoff (GRIMM Gallery) & Wanda Tuerlinckx (Art Gallery O68).


"Putting things together that don't necessarily belong together, that's really appealing to me. But so much is produced, I don't need anything [new].”

German artist Thorsten Brinkmann is always searching for objects that have been discarded by others. He has an open mind when looking for these objects on flea markets and thrift shops and is always open for surprises - he makes an effort to make no conscious decisions in advance, when possible. He particularly treasures the finds with interesting traces of use. He subsequently decontextualises the objects (and thereby strips them of their function) and transforms them into sculptures with a playful composition. His work effectively moves between painting, photography, sculpture, ready-mades, performance and collage. Sometimes, he makes photographic self-portraits that refer to classical art-historical traditions. In these portraits, Brinkmann conceals the face with objects such as vases, buckets or lampshades. In doing that, he hopes that the viewer will see their relationship with objects in a new light, but also the relationship between the objects.

The winner of the Meijburg Art Commission 2021 will be announced during Unseen.

Thorsten Brinkmann, Telmche a, 2021, Hopstreet Gallery.

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