Unbound is an independant non-profit extension of Unseen, which is dedicated to exploring the expanding outer limits of the photographic universe.

(c) Inka & Niklas / Dorothee Nilsson Gallery

Each year an independent external curator develops a programme of exhibitions and a symposium around a central theme. Through this theme, an exploration is made into new territories for both form and content within photography.

With Unbound, Unseen commits further to breaking the boundaries of conventional photography and exploring beyond the
traditional two-dimensional photographic print through large scale installations that cross over into installation art, video art, digital art, sculpture and other art forms. The new section will show a curated selection of freestanding projects in the 700m2 Transformatorhuis hall of the fair.

The Curator of Unbound 2021 is Marcel Feil, former Artistic Director of Foam photography museum.

(c) Maarten Baas / Galerie Ron Mandos.

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