The 'New' Unseen

After a few years of experiment and different forms, such as an extended festival, a bi-annual magazine and an online platform, Unseen will again fully focus on its origins from 2021 onwards: the Fair and it’s exhibiting galleries.

The international fair, the first in the world to focus exclusively on the newest developments in contemporary photography, was quickly heralded in the international press for its high quality, strong curatorial standards and intimate atmosphere. During the first years, media such as Vogue Magazine, The Guardian and Time Magazine quoted: ‘The most privileged window into where contemporary photography is going’, ‘for many insiders the best loved of all the fairs, known for it’s intimacy and strong curatorial agenda’ and ‘The best kept secret in the art fair circuit’.

From 2021 onwards, Unseen will fully focus on these origins again and strengthen them. Some of the most iconic elements of the festival will be incorporated into the fair, but always with a direct link to the participating galleries.

The high curatorial standards and forward thinking approach towards the medium will remain paramount and will be guarded by a newly formed Selection Committee.

This renewed direction for Unseen is thanks to the fair’s new organization and new management.

In 2020 Art Rotterdam, the foremost contemporary art fair in the Netherlands, took over Unseen from the old Unseen company. With this, the fair comes under the organization of the highly experienced team of Art Rotterdam, heading into its 22nd successful edition this spring. Alongside the existing Unseen network, Art Rotterdam also brings along a large additional and exceptional network of top contemporary art collectors and institutional contacts.

Digitally, Unseen will be strengthened by GalleryViewer, who will publish an extensive online catalogue of the fair. Next to information about all the exhibitors and presented works at the fair, the website will offer more in depth background information and stories about artists and their work, and about collecting photography. GalleryViewer’s online catalogue for Art Rotterdam alongside the physical fair, attracted ca. 50.000 visitors in 2020, which is substantially more than most ‘digital only’ fairs in that year.

In terms of perspective on photography, Unseen sees the return of initiator Roderick van der Lee, who has been appointed as executive director. With his return, the fair ensures itself of a strong foundation for the vision, ambition and dedication to exhibitors of the fair for the future.

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