unseen amsterdam
22–24 Sept 2017

May 18 2017

ING Unseen Talent Award: Visit to the ING UK Office in London

In this feature we give you an insight into what we have been up to in London over the past few days, in the lead up to Photo London, opening today.

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May 16 2017

Across the Globe: Gallery Spotlight #1

This Week we start our Gallery Spotlight feature of galleries included in the 2017 edition of Unseen Amsterdam. With the theme “countries” we explore our expansive bank of galleries from across the globe that will be exhibiting this year. We’re excited to present both returning and new galleries and the inspiring, thought provoking artists they represent.

With Photo London starting this week, we begin by taking a look at some of the galleries based in London that will be exhibiting at Unseen Amsterdam this year.

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April 03 2017

The Unseen Dummy Award 2017

The call for the Unseen Dummy Award 2017 is now open!

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Latest updates

May 19 2017

Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize

We're thrilled that Dana Lixenberg has won the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize, she exhibited at Unseen in 2014 with Robert Morat Galerie

May 15 2017

We're in London this week!

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May 10 2017

Venice Biennale

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