Unseen Circle

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Unseen’s primary objective is the showcasing of progressive, forward-thinking photography. It is committed to delving deep into the medium by developing a rich and diverse fair programme of non-commercial elements. This includes Unseen CO-OP – a market place dedicated to international artist collectives that challenges convention methods by focusing on photography’s next generation, and the Unseen Living Room – a diverse programme of interviews, panel discussions and lectures where professionals, collectors, critics, artists and the public can meet and exchange ideas on photography. These elements are essential to the foundation of Unseen, and nurture the possibility for discussion and debate about the future of photography.

With the help of the Unseen Circle, a group of art patrons, Unseen will be able to continue the pursuit of its core mission: offering an international platform to emerging talent while ensuring that its non-commercial elements continue to thrive. As a member of the Unseen Circle, you will play an active role in supporting and developing the career of young talent. Discover the projects that will be presented at Unseen before anyone else, engage in conversations with the exhibiting artists, and become part of the diverse Unseen community that nurtures the best of new photography.

-  Exclusive Access
-  Discover & Meet the Artists
-  Firsthand Knowledge & Market Advice
-  Intimate & Stimulating
-  Patronage & Recognition

The Unseen Circle provides a private and a corporate membership option. If you are interested in supporting Unseen as a member of the Unseen Circle or would like more information, email circle@unseenamsterdam.com, or contact Valentina Salmeri, Head of Development & External Relations on +31(0)6 29 86 53 22.