Vittoria Gerardi

Italy, Milan mc2gallery

Vittoria Gerardi (IT, 1996) started to become familiar with photography at the age of sixteen. Shortly after she began to observe and absorb the world around herself, exploring shapes, substances and sounds. For its multi‐layered nature, photography has satisfied in her that particular search she was waiting for to embrace reality in a new way. After high school she moved to New York where she attended the International Center of Photography.

In 2016 her first series of photographs has been published in the volume Confine, a collection of prints from Death Valley. In Confine, Gerardi presents her perception of the landscape, a visual and mental experience through Death Valley. Located in the eastern Californian desert, Death Valley is the lowest, driest and hottest area in North America. 139 miles long, the valley varies from massive mountain formations to expanses of ground covered with salt, revealing a martial scenery where no human being deserves to live. The dazzling light, therefore the incapability of seeing, is portrayed by selecting portions of the negative, distilling fragments of the landscape and making them become symbolic lines between inconsistency and matter, almost as scars of light and time. By using an alternative process in the darkroom, Gerardi emphasizes the elements that make the landscape violent and extreme. The synergy of chemicals and the sensitive nature of paper give shape to peculiar tonalities. A balancing act between chance and control creating unique and irreproducible photographic prints.