Jonathan LLense

Switzerland, Geneva Espace JB

The process​ of Jonathan LLense​ (FR, 1984) is shaped by daily walks through the city. Guided by his intuition, ​he play​s​ with the environment combining already-there elements in order to implement a new and playful perception. ​LLense identifies visual systems, default forms, arrangements and DIY, where the power of evocation that they contain is due to the recurrence of compositions and gestures and which he subsequently makes interact with his surroundings. ​His pictures are mostly presenting people and objects in odd juxtapositions and situations, staged and constructed in a direct dialogue to his daily experience. Bodies, trivial and scrap, natural or industrial elements, suddenly become the subject of a game of formal associations, semantic shifts, two dimensions or three dimensions collages, which are photographed and shown for themselves in the exhibition space. Within these archaic gestures, these vernacular detournements​, LLense would like to restore all the theatricality of everyday space altered by its users by offering an amused look about mundane things around us and revealing the potential of pleasurable experimentation they offer.