Céline Bodin

The United Kingdom, London Purdy Hicks Gallery

Céline Bodin (FR, 1990) is a French photographer living and working in London. She trained at the Gobelins School in Paris and in 2013 graduated with a masters degree in Photography from the London College of Communication. Her work has been included in several group exhibitions and publications.

Through her photographs, Céline Bodin investigates the notion of gender and identity in Western culture, weighing the legacy of our art history. Re-enacting the suggestive gesture borrowed from Old Masters to 19th century paintings, the series Light of Grace explores representation’s conflict with ideals and beauty archetypes. The series reflects on a world of virtuality and image proliferation, in which our eye is constantly stimulated to recognise and where sight has become a dominant form of knowledge. By only suggesting identities and pictorial aesthetics, these photographs thereby test the logic of our perception and acknowledge our eye’s tendency to immediate association, relying on this principle to define shapes, types, and characters. The series explores beauty’s intuitive quality, existing beyond the clarity and precise traits of a particular object.