Ali Zanjani

Iran, Tehran Ag Galerie

Born in 1986 in Iran, Ali Zanjani studied Rug Design at Ardakan University of Art in Yazd. He has had several solo exhibitions in Iran. Also, he has participated in group exhibitions including 'Iran & Rio' (Largo Das Artes, Rio De Janeiro) and 'Life is Too Short' (Salsali Private Museum, Dubai). His works have been exhibited in international art fairs such as Art Dubai in 2016 and Beirut Art Fair in 2012. His photographs have been published in Harper's Bazaar Art in Dubai and La Photographie Iranienne: Un regard sur la création contemporaine en Iran.

Ali Zanjani (Isfahan, 1986) is a Tehran-based artist who creates work using film frames from cinematic, educational and news archives formerly owned by the pre-Revolution National Iranian Broadcasting Company.  By selecting specific frames and removing them from their original context, he re-censors the images and allows them to find renewed life as permissible artwork in a censored art scene.

Zanjani has a B.A. in Carpet Design from University of Art, Ardakan, Iran. His work has been exhibited in Tehran, Paris, Amsterdam, Dubai, and Rio De Janeiro.