ONSITE PROJECT Making Memeries

by Unseen August 24 2016

This year Unseen is proud to present three interactive onsite projects! We invite you to immerse yourself in photography in unexpected and exciting ways. The second project we would like to introduce is Making Memeries.

Delve into the world of augmented reality with Self Publish, Be Happy’s Making Memeries. Artist Lucas Blalock has collaborated with design studio Tankboys and digital agency Reify, to create a unique installation consisting of eight large photographs realised as movable architectural panels. By downloading the free ‘Making Memeries’ app on your phone or tablet, you will be able to activate virtual elements of the installation, ‘augmenting’ your physical experience with digital sensory inputs.  With this project Self Publish, Be Happy explores the blurring boundaries surrounding on/offline existence and performance in a world in which the physical/virtual divide is becoming increasingly obscure. 

During the fair, a three day programme with performances by artists, graphic designers, technology and photography lovers will take place.

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_DSC2290 (1)_1.jpgImage credit:
(above) Making Memeries, installation view, 2016 © Harry Mitchell/Self Publish, Be Happy