The Netherlands, Amsterdam #31

For A Sunday as a Sunday Rinus Van de Velde has created a series of black - and - white drawings, around the theme of the antihero. The gallery will be transformed into an installation involving furniture and colourful cardboard ‘wall hangings’ based on existing abstract paintings by figures such as Robert Dealunay, Howard Hodgkin, Gunther Förg and Mark Rothko These hangings serve as the mental and conceptual setting for the narrative of Van de Velde’ s drawings. The exhibition gives rise to questions about the narrative in his work, the coordinates on which his images are based, the relationship to photography, the role of colour and the significance of writing; generating an interesting dialogue with the history of abstract art.

tegenboschvanvreden is a gallery space located in the Jordaan in a former carpenter’s workshop. Opened in 2009, the gallery is run by Pietje Tegenbosch and Martin van Vreden. Its programme is internationally oriented and focuses mainly on young artists. tegenboschvanvreden’s main objective is to create a lively platform for contemporary art and theoretical discourse.

ARTISTS 2016: Tom Callemin, Daniëlle van Ark, Paul Kooiker