The Ravestijn Gallery

The Netherlands, Amsterdam #55

In the exhibition Offcut Eva Stenram explores her use of found images and what it means to be looking at them. Offcut consists of three works that all combine photographs with three-dimensional installations. Stenram takes elements from her found photographs, such as objects in the background or fabrics, and renders them tangible in the material space of the gallery. With this, she invites viewers to become participants in her installations, challenging the relationship between the physical and the photographic space. In a culture that prioritises vision above all other senses, Stenram’s work reminds us of the act of observing in relation to implied touch.

Amsterdam-based The Ravestijn Gallery has been championing inquisitive and provocative contemporary photography since its inception in 2012. Initiated by Jasper Bode and Narda Van ’t Veer, the gallery draws from the founders' several decades of experience in curation and talent management.

Today, it represents both Dutch and international artists whose work combines strong aesthetics with deeper conceptual layers that push the boundaries of the medium. A commitment to exploring new photography perspectives and a dedication to nurturing young talent, contributes to the gallery's relevance in today’s rich contemporary photography landscape.

In addition to its exhibition programme and participation in international photography fairs, the gallery holds an expansive collection of 20th century and contemporary photography. It continues to make strong partnerships with galleries abroad, widening its platform and international exchange for future endeavours.

ARTISTS 2016: Jan Rosseel, Scheltens & Abbenes

ARTISTS 2015: Darren Harvey-Regan, Marie-José Jongerius, Nico Krijno, Ruth van Beek

ARTISTS 2014: Darren Harvey-Regan, Eva Stenram, Freudenthal / Verhagen, Mark Nettenbreijers