Galerie Wouter van Leeuwen

The Netherlands, Amsterdam #43

A master of looking at the overlooked, Andreas Trogisch has been taking photographs for the past 35 years. Yet many of these photographs have only recently come to light. Three of his series – Replies, Asphalt and Runway - will be on show at Wouter van Leeuwen. Replies stretches back 32 years to a time when Trogisch documented his immediate environment. Asphalt draws our attention to the tracks left on the road by cars and other forms of damage caused to its surface by natural elements. Runway features Berlin Tempelhof, a former airport in Berlin. Trogisch is initially trained as a graphic designer and works mostly with black and white photographs. With his distinctively graphic images, he reveals a hidden beauty in everyday details.

Galerie Wouter van Leeuwen was established in 2001 in Amsterdam. The gallery specialises in contemporary photography, rooted in the traditional genres of landscape and portraiture.

It represents both young and established international photographers, with a focus on work that explores the interface between autonomous and documentary photography.

ARTISTS 2016: Michael Wolf, Raymond Meeks

ARTISTS 2015: Gregory Halpern, Michael Wolf, Raymond Meeks

ARTISTS 2014: Gregory Halpern, Mark Steinmetz, Michael Wolf, Raymond Meeks

ARTISTS 2013: Gregory Halpern, Jessica Backhaus, Pietro Mattioli, Michael Wolf

ARTISTS 2012: Michael Wolf, Katsumi Mori, Mika Ninagawa, Mark Steinmetz