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Melinda Gibson & Thomas Sauvin

Lunar Caustic Untitled #3, 2014 © Melinda Gibson/Flowers Gallery


Seung-Woo Back

Signboard-009, Signboard, 2015 © Seung-Woo Back / Gana Art


Adam Jeppesen

Chalten 10, 2015 © Adam Jeppesen/Galerie van der Mieden


Caio Reisewitz

Avanhandava, 2015 © Caio Reisewitz/Galerie van der Mieden


Letha Wilson

Rock Hole Punch (Fisherman’s Cove), 2014 © Letha Wilson/GRIMM


The Cool Couple

Never Trust the West Again, Approximation to the West, 2014 © The Cool Couple/Metronom


Martina Della Valle

POST-IT BOOK, 2014 © Martina Della Valle/Metronom


Alberto Sinigaglia

Saturn I, Big Sky Hunting © Alberto Sinigaglia, Metronom


Alexandra Leykauf

Philips Koninck, Etui, 2015 © Alexandra Leykauf/Martin van Zomeren


Sjoerd Knibbeler

Current Study #7, 2015 © Sjoerd Knibbeler/LhGWR


Johan Österholm

Reluctant Gravities, 2013 © Johan Österholm, Grundemark Nilsson Gallery


Henrik Isaksson Garnell

The Painter's Skin 9903, 2015 © Henrik Isaksson Garnell/Grundemark NIlsson Gallery


Christto & Andrew

Current Obsession, 2015 © Christto & Andrew/East Wing


Isabelle Wenzel

Jump 2, Transformations, 2015 © Isabelle Wenzel/Galerie Bart


Jannemarein Renout

663: Wind Chill - 13 March, 2015 2:18pm (scan 663), 2015 © Jannemarein Renout/Galerie Bart


Paulien Oltheten

Untitled, 2015 © Paulien Oltheten/Galerie Fons Welters


Stefan Heyne

SEAT 17F, 2014 © Stefan Heyne and VG Bild-Kunst Bonn/Kaune, Posnik, Spohr Gallery


Byung-Hun Min

RT 104, River, 2011-2014 © Byung-Hun Main/Gana Art


Kyoung-Jae Cho

Klasse04-008, 2013 © Kyoung-Jae Cho/Gana Art


Inka Lindergård & Niclas Holmström

Yet Untitled, 2015 © Inka & Niclas/Grundemark Nilsson Gallery


Nicolás Lamas

Layers of Meaning, 2015 © Nicolás Lamas/CINNNAMON


Rachel de Joode

Sculpted Human Skin In Rock I & Sculpted Human Skin In Rock II (installation view), 2013 © Rachel de Joode/CINNNAMON


Theis Wendt

Excavation 3 (detail), Exacavations, 2013 © Theis Wendt/CINNNAMON


Tahmineh Monzaveh

All About Me, Nicknamed Beauty Queen Maker, 2014 © Tahmineh Monzavi/Francis Boeske Projects


Mohsen Rastani

Untitled, Iranian Families, 2013 © Mohsen Rastani/Francis Boeske Projects


Sebastiaan Bremer

Heart of the Matter, 2014 © Sebastiaan Bremer/Galerie Ron Mandos


Mohau Modisakeng

Inzilo, 2013 © Mohau Modisakeng/Galerie Ron Mandos


Jan Hoek

The 2nd Choice of Yusa, New Ways of Photographing the New Masai, 2014 © Jan Hoek/Galerie Ron Mandos


Filip Dujardin

Untitled (012), Fictions, 2009 © Filip Dujardin/Galerie van der Mieden


Gwenneth Boelens

Tablet Left To Dry, 2014 © Gwenneth Boelens/GRIMM


Daan Paans

Auroch I, 2015 © Daan Paans/LhGWR


Marleen Sleeuwits

interior no. 45, 2015 © Marleen Sleeuwits/LhGWR


Anne de Vries

Interface, 2014 © Anne de Vries/Martin van Zomeren


Katja Mater

Composition of Light (Spectrum Print 03), 2015 © Katja Mater/Martin van Zomeren


Akiko Takizawa

Naked Light #1, Najima, 2013 © Akiko Takizawa/SAGE Paris


Julia Smirnova

Ravens, Istanbul, 2014 © Julia Smirnova/SAGE Paris


Timotheus Tomicek

Focus, 2014 © Timotheus Tomicek/SAGE Paris


Daniel Shea

Blisner, IL, 2014 © Daniel Shea/Webber Represents


Diana Scherer

Nightshade, 2013 © Diana Scherer/Seelevel Gallery


Laurence Aëgerter

Digitalis Ambigua i.a. - Normandy, France, 2015 © Laurence Aëgerter/Seelevel Gallery


Marijn Bax

Untitled 1, 2015 © Marijn Bax/Seelevel Gallery


Ola Lanko

Romantic Act of Reason, 2014 © Ola Lanko/Seelevel Gallery


Felicity Hammond

Capital Growth, 2015 © Felicity Hammond/South Kiosk


Polly Tootal

#50224, 2014 © Polly Tootal/South Kiosk


Thorbjørn Andersen

Paintographs No. IV, Artefacts, Evidence and Dust © Thorbjørn Andersen/South Kiosk